Must have: The sink

My next item on the wish list: the sink.

Made by hand from wood, I just love that piece, for me the sink has a soul and it’s timeless. Perfect for powder room.

Here is what information you can find on the website of store Spazio Del Bagno:

The wood used in the vats is Laurel Black, are prepared with stumps and roots revitalized, left exposed to the weather for more than twenty years. The action of the sun and rain, over the years carves cracks on its surface, producing irregularities that give beauty and originality to spare. The wells are coated with polyurethane, a material which prevents the absorption of water. Maintenance liquid soap and a soft sponge.

mother daughter relationship part 3

I’m very impressed with how I ‘ve changed and how I look at the world right now. I expected that, everyone warned me that after the baby is born I will look at world completely different . However, I wasn’t ready for so many emotions. I had no idea what to expect, I could read about it and still my idea was nothing compared to the reality… until now, I thought that I know what “joy” is: passed a test in school, get to college , acceptance to work, obtaining a US visa, finish the race, losing pounds, marriage proposal, a positive pregnancy test, childbirth . All these events and more, were the source of my joy and happiness. How shall it was… Today, the word has a different dimension for me, and it’s because of my daughter. Till now, she waited for me to pick her up. She was lying patiently stretching her little hands towards me. Today was different, she totally surprised me, I was sitting near her, and I started calling: ” come to Mommy” … She was lying on her back, then rolled over onto her stomach and then she turned 180 degrees to crawl to me with a smile on her face. I’m afraid that my vocabulary is too poor to express what I felt . The joy, love, happiness, pride …all together. As if today we were able to establish the unbreakable thread between us. So far, I was this part that came out of the initiative. There was the first smile, hug, pulled out hands, she was crying when I wasn’t close – these events were important. But today I will remember.
I’m stay at home mom, I’m not working I decided to devote my time raising children (we want two babies). I met with the opinions that I wast my time – but at the moment I have only one thing to say – none work, promotion, new shoes, gym, clothes, car, travels … you name it – nothing is worth it.
They are people who can’t wait to get to work, to normal life. They prefer give their child the nursery or in the care of a nanny. I know parents who don’t have choice and have to go back to work.
I’m very happy that my husband does everything that I could stay at home. Our life’s goes on, we still have plans such as building a house – certainly a big help would be additional paycheck , but life is very short and I must take advantage of every minute. Perhaps for the house of my dreams I’ll have to wait a little bit more. But I don’t regret anything on the contrary, after today, I’m sure more than ever, for everything is the right time and the time spent with my daughter is priceless. With throbbing heart I’m waiting for more…

mother daughter relationship part 2

Seven months is almost behind us, it begins to slowly shape the schedule of the day and night. Routine is a word which is very close to me now, I want my daughter to feel safe so I try to repeat as much as possible routine of the day. In the age of 4 months and 30 days she entirely surprised me … because she started chatting, at that moment I feelt incredible and asked – where is the camera?
I had a feeling as if she wanted to contact me. With a smile, waving hands as if somehow she wanted to prove some theories. It looked very sweet. My baby isn’t five months yet and already wants to lead discussions.
When my daughter has completed six months I have expanded her diet, I have to admit that we don’t have any problems with feeding (unless she’s tired). At the moment she chats a lot, roll over but not sit alone. When seventh month began, her character started to shape.
It’s difficult to believe that a few months ago I felt so helpless and confused. The maternal instinct is in each of us and every day I learn something new about it. Sometimes I have the impression that my daughter looks after me and leads me through the new challenges. We have a favorite song, favorite fruit, favorite stuffed animal to sleep. She’s a happy child, very focused on what’s going on around, has moments when need much sensitivity, but also she like to play with toys and love playing with her own reflection in the mirror.


only in Brazil: Florianopolis the friendliest city in the world

Plebiscite conducted by the Condé Nast Traveler magazine, has created a list of 20 most pleasant cities in the world and according to readers of the magazine the number one is the city of Florianopolis.
Beautiful views, friendly people and lots of water attractions like “water sports and cruising” makes the “Magical Island” number one worldwide.

food&kitchen: Banana snack

A quick and delicious way to snack? Banana is the ideal snack during the day or for the night – it helps to relax.

You will need:
cocoa (70%),
walnuts and hazelnuts of parana.

A wonderful combination of health and energy, did you know that in 100 grams of banana is from 70 to 100 calories? The sugars in it sucrose, fructose and glucose helping quickly gain energy. A medium-sized banana contains vitamin C, as well – B1, B2, B6 and A – stimulates concentration. A lot of potassium and little sodium helps regulate pressure and is used by athletes.
This fruit is rich in iron which helps fight anemia. You can also find calcium and magnesium.
Bananas can be consumed by almost everyone, rarely cause allergies – and may therefore be eaten by small children.
Teaspoon of cinnamon added to food can help lower blood sugar levels – reducing the risk of diabetes.
Luckily I do live in the country where they grow cocoa and hazelnuts of parana. They have many health properties that’s why they deserve separate posts in the future.

How to prepare?
Peel two bananas and mash with a fork, sprinkle with a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of cocoa and at the end add chopped walnuts and hazelnuts of parana.
I like to heat up in the microwave but you can also eat cold.

Smacznego !!

wine: Angelica Zapata – Bodega Catena Zapata


One of my favorite wine is Angelica ZapataBodega Catena Zapata is a winery that comes from the Argentine region of Mendoza (located in the mountains). In recent years, wines from Argentina, especially Malbec are gaining recognition in the world . The family business has already more than 100 years,  in 1902 Nicola Catena planted first Malbec. In next years, his descendants continued to grow winery. His grandson – Nicolás Catena Zapata – decided to combine tradition with a contemporary knowledge and so he introduce the new winemaking techniques. Thanks to him the wines from 2001 and 2004 become world succes.

Bodega Catena Zapata in their offer have four lines for sale exclusively in Argentina and South America:

  • Catena Zapata Estiba Reservada
  • Angelica Zapata
  • D.V. Catena
  • Saint Felicien

Today I present to you Angelica Zapata , I hope that wine will warm your soul

Here’s to you !

food&kitchen: Italian tiramisù


A year ago at this time I was pregnant and preparing the first gift to celebrate Father’s Day (in Brazil the second Sunday of August). I decided to combine passions of my husband – a tiramisù and golf. I really like hand-made gifts.

  • What you need to prepare  tiramisù ?

4 eggs
20 grams of powdered sugar
vanilla sugar
0.5 kg of cheese mascarpone
0.5 litre of brewed strong coffee

  • How to prepare?

Mix cooled coffee with amaretto. Whip egg yolks with half of powdered sugar, add vanilla sugar and then mascarpone cheese. Separately whip egg whites with the second half of powdered sugar. Then very slowly with a wooden spoon mix together two masses until a uniform creamy mass. Next lay on the bottom of the tray in order:
biscuits soaked in broth (coffee and amaretto)
creamy mass
biscuits soaked i broth
creamy mass

Set aside in the fridge for 12 hours. Before serving sprinkle with cocoa. You can also prepare the dessert in small glasses in this way you will have portions for guests.

Is interesting to add that the word “tiramisù” (tirami sù) means “pick-me-up” or “make me happy” so ….enjoy and “Bon Appetit”